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Nordic ERSA Seminar in
Regional Science

Nordic ERSA Seminar in Regional Science is a monthly seminar series related to a broad range of topics in the field of regional science. The aim om the series is to gather researchers, academics students and policy professionals to share and discuss work related (but not limited) to regional science, spatial and urban economics, econometrics, human and economic geography, urban planning, sociology and more.

The seminar is in held on Zoom on the second Friday each month 12.00-13.00 (Swedish time).

Are you interested in presenting your research?
Contact Jonas Westin at https://nordicersa.org/contact/.

Our Mission

Nordic ERSA Mission Statement

The main objective of the Nordic Section of ERSA is to promote regional science in the Nordic countries through enhancing collaboration and networking activities among its members. This includes organizing meetings, workshops, seminars, and conferences. Nordic ERSA is a legal entity according to Swedish law.

Members of the Nordic Section of ERSA are academics, policy professionals, and researchers interested in regional science, spatial economics, urban economics, human and economic geography, spatial planning, sociology and general regional as well as local development and policies. 

Mission and Objectives

  • Enhancing regional science across the Nordic countries: Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden 
  • Organizing annual meetings for the members
  • Organizing network activities: workshops, conferences
  • Stimulating regional science activities and collaboration
  • Informing on developments in regional science and related fields
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Our team

Meet Our Managing Board

Our managing board is from across the Nordics

Mikaela Backman

Magnus Andersson

Magnus Andersson


Daniel Rauhut

Member of Board

Tom Brökel

Member of Board

Jie Zhang